Published on June 15th, 2021
Supercar Finance Q&A – Your Questions Answered Image

Last week Mike McCann, General Manager at Elev8 Finance, headed down to Premier GT to speak with David Trigg who had a list of finance questions ready for him, sent in by members of the Four Marks Supercar Club. In the video Mike and David cover topics such as financing a supercar, advantages of different lenders & how balloon figures are set.


A full list of the questions can be seen here, with all the answers available in the video in below:

  • Why do so many people finance their cars these days, rather than buying them outright?
  • What are the advantages of using a car finance broker over dealing directly with a lender?
  • How do people end up with negative equity in car finance agreements?
  • What is the oldest car you would be able to fund through Elev8 Finance?
  • If the car gets written off, where would I stand with my finance agreement?
  • How do finance companies calculate their balloons?
  • What is the process, once I have found the car I want to finance?
  • What is the most expensive car Elev8 has ever funded?
  • What is the largest balance Elev8 Finance has ever funded?
  • What is the largest monthly payment you have ever seen for a car you have funded?
  • What is your favourite car Elev8 has funded?

If you have found your next prestige car and need a finance quote, get in touch today.

Supercar Finance Q&A – Your Questions Answered Image
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