Hire Purchase

A simple way of financing that gives you the certainty of a fixed interest rate, and fixed monthly payments throughout the agreement. The initial deposit and repayment period can be structured to help meet your budget and the length of time you expect to keep the car. You can trade in your existing car and put this towards the initial deposit, or if you wish, just put down a cash deposit.

Lease Purchase

This is a more flexible form of purchase agreement. The initial deposit and repayment periods can be structured to meet your requirements and budget. A final lump sum balloon payment option is available if you would rather make lower repayments throughout the agreement. The balloon payment is calculated on the anticipated value of the car at the end of the agreement.

Personal Contract Purchase

Similar to a Lease Purchase agreement but with additional flexibility since part of the cost is deferred until the end of the agreement which may give you the benefit of lower monthly payments. The deferred amount is known as the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) sometimes known as Optional Final Payment. At the end of the agreement you have three options…

Whichever type of agreement you choose our aim at Elev8 Finance is to provide a solution which puts you into the best possible position should you wish to change your car during the agreement or at the end of the agreement.  It is our aim to forge long-standing relationships with new clients and continue to support existing customers.